M.Kürşat Pehlivantürk ,was born in Ankara,1966 , studied in the Gazi University at the department of Econometrics also in Ankara where the Capital of Turkey.

During the University times , worked part time at the Rec.Center of U.S.Air Force Base in Balgat in Ankara. After military service completed , started to work at Meyer&Meyer – Germany’s Izmir Office , after four years there , Meyer&Meyer asked him to move to Istanbul in order to support the sales Management , after six months , he become the G.M. of Meyer&Meyer in Istanbul so the first Management experience has begun at the middle of the year 1994 .

After very successful four year in Meyer&Meyer Istanbul , the competition , Co.Johann Birkart transfered him as G.M. of TR so the second management experience has begun. After two very productive years in Birkart , this took the attention of Mr.Saffet Ulusoy , the Presindet of Ulusoy Holding and asked him to joint the Management of Ulusoy Logistics who is the Market leader of TR at that time regarding roadfreight between EU Countries for General Cargo as well as heat controlled trucks. After two more years as proffessional , decided to do own and joined the former Contaz Shipping Line Group ( today Containerships ) in order of foundation a J.V. with the Contaz Line ,named Contaz Logistics .

After selling his shares to partners four years later , started to consult with the experience of management of two German Capital investments + the largest TR origin Road Company of these days + own company with own trucks and a seperated forwarding , sea – air divisions in the past.
In chronological order , offered consultancy services to :

Schaeffer Trans – New Jersey ,US of America
Intertrans GmbH – Ludwigshafen ,Germany
MTG – Mannheim ,Germany
RAN Logistics – Istanbul
Ulusoy&Ziegler – Istanbul
YUG Logistics – Tatarstan ,Russia
Eskidji Auction House – Istanbul
M Star Freight – Rotterdam ,The Netherlands
Unico Logistics – Seoul ,South Korea
AsCom Gmbh – Walldorf ,Germany
Hamann Logistics – Wetteren ,Belgium
Move Intermodal – Genk ,Belgium
Performans GmbH – Krefed ,Germany
Transorient Forwarding – Istanbul

Today , offering his consultacy services to one of the top five Logistics Companies of TR.

The point he’d like to underline is , as professionaly been at the Management of non-asset Companies , as well as Companies with own equipment , local Companies to international Companies from Korea to Russia & Various EU Countries has given a Unique experience in order to see the possiblity of the Company that and which directions that Company may be driven , how can the company may integrated in to some Pan-EU or Global networks.

By the way , not all the consultancy serving companies are in the logistics sector , one of them is in the Auction of second had automotives , he grounded an department and even managed the on-line Auctoins on weekly basis. Another of from Walldorf Germany is an Confection production Company , supported the whole supply chain , mostly from TR but in the EU Countires as well.

Lets suppose you are a logistics Company from Benelux or Germany specilized in Roadfreight or Intermodal in TR , Mr.Pehlivantürk is able to give you the right consultancy to save your costs , connect you with the right people or partners in and outside of TR for Turkish as well as the Middle Eastern & C.I.S. traffics.

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